Prolman and Keane Financial LLC | Manchester and Nashua, NH

Peace of Mind is a
Beautiful Thing

Creating Financial Clarity and Confidence since 1962

Who We Are

Prolman and Keane Financial is a New Hampshire-based firm specializing in holistic financial planning for business owners, families, and retirees. We believe that everyone we work with is on their own unique financial journey, and our job is to meet them where they are and help them see the big picture so they can make wise financial decisions moving forward. Our team specializes in comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning, succession planning, and estate/legacy planning, and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to give our clients the exceptional service they deserve.

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What We Do

At Prolman and Keane, we use a math-driven approach to help our clients live their best lives and spend their money how they want. We teach everyone we work with the fundamental truth that numbers don’t lie, so if we look at the data and analyze it properly, we’ll know the outcome of different decisions before they’re made. This educational approach provides our clients with a deeper understanding of their financial situation and how different choices will impact their bottom line, resulting in financial clarity, confidence and peace of mind.

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How We Work

In life, there are three financial plans: the one you need, the one you want, and the one you have. If you’re like most people, those three plans don’t necessarily line up, and that’s why a holistic approach is needed. We help our clients take a step back and evaluate the big picture to make sure that everything is working together in harmony. We get all the right people to the table, including CPAs, attorneys, and other advisors, and we make sure everyone is on the same page working toward the same common goals. This comprehensive approach helps our clients to align their financial plans and enjoy greater financial peace and security.

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